• Image of Morgan C/S/B Gimmick and Coins (Schoolcraft Precision)
  • Image of Morgan C/S/B Gimmick and Coins (Schoolcraft Precision)

Limited Supply of Morgan Copper/Silver/Brass (C/S/B) Gimmicks!

This custom made C/S/B set is the ideal size for performing "Hein's Catch Up" and many other classic C/S/B routines.

The Chinese coin is thin and dark to contrast the Copper/Silver coins and can be used for Troy Hoosier's Charming Chinese Challenge.

The gaffs are custom made by the legendary Jamie Schoolcraft. There is a limited supply so if they are sold out, then please contact me to be added to the waitlist.

You Receive 1 Copper/Silver/Brass Gimmick and 3 Matching Coins. (Pictures show the front and back of the coins and gimmick.)

***International Orders will be sent via Priority Mail with limited tracking available. Tracking number will be emailed to Buyer. International Buyer Assumes all risks for lost or delay packages.***