• Image of New Morgan Copper Silver Brass Gimmick and Coins

Limited Supply of Morgan Copper Silver Brass (CSB) Gimmicks!

These are Ideal for performing Hein's Catch Up as they are the larger dollar size. This new set is made with a new version of the chinese coin which looks more authentic. The normal copper coin is also milled down so that it is the exact size of the gimmicked coin and the chinese shell will fit over top of it.

The coins are custom made by Auke Van Dokkum from the Netherlands. I have a very limited supply.

You Receive 1 Copper Silver Brass Gimmick and 3 Matching Coins.

***PICTURE SHOWS 2 SETS OF COINS SO YOU CAN SEE FRONT AND BACKS OF ALL COINS - Only 1 Set is included with purchase.***

***International Orders will be sent via Priority Mail with limited tracking available. Tracking number will be emailed to Buyer. International Buyer Assumes all risks for lost or delay packages.***

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