• Image of Heiny 500 DVD & Digital Download
  • Image of Heiny 500 DVD & Digital Download

“Heiny 500 is the best #*%@! money effect I have ever seen!”
Chris Kenner

"Who introduced Karl to Harry Potter? This effect is REAL magic!"
Daniel Garcia

"Karl made a good trick into an amazing one! The difference is now I use it all the time."
Bob Sheets

"This is the best handling of Pat Page's Easy Money anyone has come up with and I've seen them all. It's better than Hundy 500, Slow Burn, Extreme Burn, Foreign Exchange, 3-D Cash or any of the others."
John Lovick


The Effect:
You count out five one-dollar bills and they instantly turn into five one hundred dollar bills.

Heiny 500 can be performed under just about any conditions, even when completely surrounded. Turning $1 Bills into $100 Bills is arguably one of the best close-up effects you can do and Heiny 500 is one of the cleanest, visual and most thought out versions of the Pat Page effect that is available. You will get HUGE reactions!