• Of all the new faces I’ve met in the past 15 years, Karl Hein stands out as being one of the few magicians that I just know will be a huge success.  It is rare for a magician to not only understand technique, but also entertainment and business.  I feel comfortable booking Karl anytime and anywhere. I highly recommend his lecture!”               – Bill Malone
  • "Karl has a wonderful approach that's both imaginative and practical."  Andrew Mayne
  • “Karl Hein is an entertaining, accomplished and experienced worker.  Just one of his routines has more magic than some acts.  If I could make his lecture, I'd be there.”  - Bob Sheets
  • Karl Hein’s lecture provided me with more usable magic and information than any other lecture I can remember.  Several of his routines have made their way into my professional walk-around and stand-up performances.  I went out of my way to see his first lecture and I can’t wait to see the next.” – Cody Fisher
  • "The natural appearance of your (Heinstein) shuffle is breathtaking!" - Richard Kaufman 
  • "In Karl's hands, the heinstein shuffle is the most deceptive in-hands false riffle I have witnessed in the 30 years I've been involved in card magic."  - Paul Cummins
  • “Heiny 500 is the best #*%@! money effect I have ever seen!” – Chris Kenner