Karl Hein is known all over the world for his amazing card handling abilities and his naturally disarming performance style.  He has performed over 100 lectures in more than 15 countries and has authored many instructional DVDs including “The Heinstein Shuffle”, “Heiny 500”, “Heinstein’s Dream”, “Hein’s Catch Up” and “The Heinous Collection”.  If you are looking for original and entertaining routines developed by an experienced professional magician than this lecture is for you.  Karl will use these routines to teach sleights, flourishes and principles of magic and misdirection that both beginners and seasoned professionals can appreciate.  More importantly, you will learn how to “Go With the Flow” as Karl explains how to change his routines depending on your skill level, audience and performing conditions.

If card tricks aren’t all you’re interested in, you’ll be glad to know that Karl specializes in performing for family audiences.  Don’t miss out on learning commercial routines that bring coins, ropes, bills, and cream filled goodies to life. Even more valuable are Karl's thoughts on performing and his tips on how to make a great living performing shows for all ages. 

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Some Testimonials for Karl's Lecture:

"I planned a 15 city/6 country lecture tour for Karl throughout Europe and received nothing but great feedback from every club involved.  I didn't know much about Karl before I booked him but he came very highly recommended and now I can give him my highest recommendation!  His lecture is commercial, professional, entertaining and has something for everyone.  I am looking forward to the next time he comes to Europe!" Pascal Marc - Lecture Tour Organizer

"Thank you for your wonderful lecture in Penang, Malaysia!  All who attended your lecture are very impressed with your card skills and claimed they they learned so much from you.  I am very happy that I hosted you.  Good job and keep it up!" Barry Khoo

"Karl was a delight to work with and every club on his 15 city tour through Italy gave me positive feedback.  I was very glad that I chose him for the tour and I truly enjoyed his lecture in Bologna.  I would definitely have Karl back in Italy again!"  Gianni Loria - President of Italian Magic Club FF - Organizing International Conferences for Italy

"Karl Hein is one of magic's hidden secrets.  Most of my attendees had no idea who he was before the lecture;  after the lecture, they were not likely to ever forget him.  He is a highly skilled working pro who presents a magic lecture that not only teaches but entertains.  His routines are  surprising and well thought out.  When he teaches the sleight-of-hand required for some of his effects, he does so in a clear and detailed fashion.  I highly recommend his lecture to any magic club."  Ken Schwabe SAM#1 Lecture Committee Chairman

"As a graduate school professor, I communicate and teach communication for a living.  It is rare that I find a magic lecture that excels both in both technique and in communication.  Karl Hein is both an incredible magician, with skills that rival anyone on the planet, but is also a gifted communicator.  His lecture is clear, fun, relaxed, and puts everyone at ease.  I have never learned more at a lecture, both from the information and from the example of Karl.  He is a natural communicator who loves what he does and shares that love with the audience.  Many graduate school professors whom I know could take lessons from Karl in how to make learning both fun and worthwhile."  Samuel Lamerson, Ph.D.

On behalf of the Victoria Magic Circle I can't thank Karl Hein enough for the fantastic lecture he gave us last night. His lecture was informative, fun and funny. The first ten minutes alone were worth the admission price. Real working effects for real workers! Karl’s professional attitude combined with his polished style made it an incredible evening. Those who missed it missed a lot. I highly recommend this lecture to all magicians who want to enhance their skill set.”  Steve Hignett - President, Victoria Magic Circle

“Karl Hein is my new favorite magician! The material he shared with us was visual, magical, and practical. He wove interesting discussions of theory into the explanations of his effects. I found myself smiling and nodding my head throughout the entire lecture.  I have seen a lot of lectures over the past 20 years. Karl's lecture was one of the best I've ever seen! My good friend, Dr. Ray Hyman, has seen many more lectures than I have and he told me that Karl's lecture was the best we have ever had in Eugene, and one of the best he had ever seen. It was that good!  I'd recommend anyone who has a chance to see Karl lecture to drop everything else, and go to the lecture! You'll be glad you did!”  Jay Frasier